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Watch YouTube Videos Without Internet Using YouTube Go


Watch YouTube Videos Without Internet Using YouTube Go.The New app YouTube Go was recently announced at google event in Delhi.The YouTube go will be allowed to save the videos for watching offline.That means you can watch the saved videos anytime without using the internet.The new application YouTube Go will be mainly aimed, Indian Market.Because India will be facing internet connectivity issues.

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Features of YouTube Go

  • You can watch videos in offline
  • You can share this offline videos to nearby friends without need of internet
  • You can select the video quality and size while saving the video to offline

How to watch YouTube Videos Without the Internet 

The application will be developed for next generation users to enjoy the power of YouTube.You can enjoy the service from YouTube without burning the data charge.The YouTube Go application will be allowed to save the videos for offline viewing.Users can be able to select the quality and size of the video at this time.After this, the user can watch the YouTube videos without Internet.Users can also share this saved video to nearby users without the use of Internet.

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Extra Features:

  • You can control Your can see the preview of the video before watching or save.This will help to save the data.
  • Save and watch videos without buffering even when you have a slow connection.

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The application will be not launched.The application will be coming soon.If you want to get the app first when launching.You need to register.



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