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Suzuki Gixxer Price,Mileage,On Road Price And Images


Suzuki Gixxer is one of the most popular motorcycles from Suzuki. It comes under the category of naked motorcycles which was inspired from GSX-R1000 model. The motorcycle was launched in early September 2014. The model name for Gixxer is GSX150. It comes under the standard category of Suzuki motorcycles.

Suzuki Gixxer Price, Mileage, On Road Price And Images

Suzuki Gixxer Engine and transmission

Suzuki Gixxer uses 155 cc air cooled 4 strokes SOHC Single engine. It has a compression ratio of 9.8:1with a power of 14.8 PS power. The engine is sporty with looks and very lite weight. It adds up a mighty look to the motorcycle. The 4 stroke engine promises maximum fuel efficiency without affecting the performance. The 5-speed transmission offers good riding experience.Kick, Electric starter system is offered.

Design and performance of Suzuki Gixxer

The motorcycle instantly attracts attention with its vivid design. The naked design adds style and power at the same time. It has a compact design which elevates the looks. Various colors are available including Black, Black, and cyan, White, Green etc. When coming to the performance side, it beats its competitor’s hands down. The bike offers a great performance with Suzuki eco performance(SEP). The bike is a truly street pro bike for traffic conditions. It suits not only for the busy traffic rides but also for long rides.

Specifications of Suzuki Gixxer

It is packed with 12 Litre fuel tank with a reserve of 2.4 liters. It weighs around 140 kilograms with overall height, Front width and length with 1030,785 and 2050 mm respectively. It comes with front disc brakes and rear brakes with drum/disc options. Both of the alloy wheels are tubeless tires with a wheelbase of 1330.The front end is equipped with telescopic suspension and the rear end has mono shock swing arm suspension with 7 step adjustable options.

Price range and mileage of Suzuki Gixxer

Suzuki Gixxer has mainly two variations. Suzuki Gixxer and Suzuki Gixxer SF. Both of the models have normal and full kit options. Price varies from model-models. Normal Suzuki Gixxer has an On road price of 96,000 in Kochi and Suzuki Gixxer SF normal has a price range of 97,000. But the full kit options varies significantly in price with 1,12,000 and 1,15,000 respectively. The company claims a mileage of 65 km’s per liter. But it provides an actual mileage of 47-55 km’s per one liter. Being fuel efficient and stylish at the same time Suzuki Gixxer rules the road.

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