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I Am Support KTU Students


I Am support KTU Students.Nowadays KTU students issues will be viral on social media.Kerala Technological University(KTU) will be the state government university aimed to give leadership to the technical students.Also improve the academic standards of the Graduate, Post Graduate and Research Programmes in Engineering Science, Technology and Management and regulate the academic standards of all colleges affiliated to the University.

I Am Support KTU Students

Now KTU students will strike against KTU management due to some inappropriate actions of KTU management.The semester examinations of 1st and 3rd sem students will be planned to start on December 2 and ending on December 16.But the timetable was created a negative impact on 3rd-semester students who have arrear in 1St semester.Because according to the time table 1st semester students will have to write exams on morning session and 3rd-semester students will have write on the afternoon.That means 3rd sem students who have arrears in the 1st semester will have to write supply exams on morning and write the 3rd-semester routine exam on the afternoon.That means students with back paper need to prepare two exams on a single day.

The student organisations are asking the KTU management to reschedule the exam time table.Also, there is some printing and distribution on the question paper.Due to this fact, KTU will be postponed the examination.The next day newspapers are reported the KTU exam will be on after December.The NRI students are travelled back to home.

After that On December 7th KTU will be issued a new circular,Rescheduling the examinations on Dec 13 for 1st-semester students and Dec 14 for 3rd semester.This was a shock for students Because the Hostel students are left the hostel and joined with their family for X-mas Celebrations.Some students have closed the books and joined to the festival mode.Also, there is no gap between the exams.This will be surely a cruel decision from KTU management.

Now students need to postpone the exams to January.They started to protest against KTU.The Kerala Education minister will be silent on this news.SFI will be with state government side,they are not taking this as an issue.KSU and ABVP will be started to fight against the new circular from KTU.From Our View,The exams will need to postpone to January.Support KTU students.