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The New Renault Duster In India


Renault Duster – The sporty SUV

The all new sporty Duster is from the signature car makers Renault. The company is already getting a positive response from the Indian market. They have shown a consistent commitment to delivering various types of cars. Now they have come up with all new Renault Duster, the real sporty SUV.The spacious SUV is a 5 seater with leather stitched seats and steering. The key attraction of Duster is its engine, powerful enough to throttle through off roads.

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Renault Duster Price, Mileage, Specs, Features, Models, colors

1.1 Get out of your comfort zone, effortlessly

Renault is not just an SUV, which takes out you from your comfort zone. It is an SUV which allows you to get out from your comfort zone effortlessly. All thanks to the mighty engine capable of delivering 108.45 bhp power with 245 Nm Torque. The SUV is adaptive to any terrains, without compromising on the performance. The 6-speed manual transmission gives a wider range of thrill. The sporty looks are enhanced by Hawk eye headlamps, Kayok roof rails and Waterfall LED tail lamps. Renault Duster stands out and, deliver a premium experience to the buyer.

1.2  Renault Duster Performance and Fuel Economy

The performance is offered is extraordinary. The beast with such a powerful engine is able to produce convenient fuel economy of 19.67 KMPL. The city mileage is just under 16.2 KMPL and highway mileage of 19.72 KMPL.The All Wheel Drive(AWD) SUV with 6 gear manual transmission takes only 12.5 Seconds to accelerate from 0-100 KM/h. The power steering ensures a great experience to the driver. The top speed recorded is 168 KM/h. The SUV is geared with disk brakes in the front and drum brakes with ABS system in the rear.

1.3 Renault Duster Technology and convenience 

Renault Duster gives a premium comfort and convenience to their clients. The technology used is world class and premium. The navigational control system, Cruise control mode, Air Conditioning and Automatic climate control. The navigational system tracks the route to the destination and provides real time updates. Hands-free allows staying in touch with everyone while on the roll. USB and Bluetooth connectivity with integrated 2DIN audio. Touchscreen with multiple options, Radio synced with speakers in front and rear.

1.4 Renault Duster Safety

Safety standards are one step ahead for Renault Duster. Anti-Lock Braking System with brake assist is the prime safety feature. Power door locking, Child safety locking is the other feature. Passenger airbags with rear seat Belts are the add on safety standards used. The ground clearance is pretty good, 210 mm from the ground.

1.5 Renault Duster Colour variants and Price range

Various color variants are available for Renault Duster. Some shades include Fiery Red, Pearl white, Woodland Brown, Moonlight Silver, Cayenne orange, slate gray and out back bronze. Among these Woodland Brown and Moonlight, Silver shades went popular.

The price range varies from 8.29 to 13.46 Lakhs. The rates vary with color options.

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