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How To Recover Deleted Files Using Softwares


Data recovering was a Herculean task in the past days. But nowadays it is not such a thing. Recovering data’s once lost is really easy. Various data recovery software is available in the market with matching performance like none other.  Data recovery is becoming inevitable when you accidentally delete data permanently. Various formats of data such as Video, Audio, Photos and other documents can be recovered with ease. Data from Computer, Phone, Camera and other electronic devices can be easily recovered by these Data recovering software. Some of them includes the following,

1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

This software is intended for Mac computer devices. This data recovery software allows recovering lost files including Video, audio, photos, and files instantly. It recovers data from external devices such as external hard drive, pen drive, memory cards and flash drives. Two types of versions are available namely- Professional and Platinum Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery.

2. Recuva

It is one of the popular file recovering software in the market. It has the ability to restore/recover files from the device’s recycle bin. It can recover data from the computer, digital camera, mp3 player, and mobile phone. Features include advanced deep search facility and recovering newly formatted files.

3. Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is another data recovery software. It resembles Microsoft office application. Can recover every type of file formats including jpeg, mp3, doc, png, gif etc. Hex viewer tool in Undelete 360 allows previewing the files before file recovery. The scanning and recovering speed is moderate and need improvement.

4. PhotoRec

PhotoRec serves as an efficient mode data recovery for multiple numbers of devices. It has the ability to recover files from a simple SD card to complex computing systems. It can recover almost 450 types of file formats and produce the exact same files.

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