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How to read deleted messages from Whatsapp


Deletions in social messenger applications are permanent.Deletion is required in some cases for avoiding mistakes or wrongly typed messages, or unnecessary ones. Whatsapp stays on top of the most downloaded application in the play store. The application allows sending end to end encrypted messages including audio, video, text messages. Also comes with Audio and video calls facilities with high qualities.

Delete for everyone option by Whatsapp

Whatsapp introduces modern and innovative trends to the platform. The new add-ons are not only efficient but also has higher performance standards. The latest trendsetter by Whatsapp is the ‘ Delete for everyone’ option, which allows the user to permanently delete the message(s), over a stipulated time interval. The feature allows the user to delete the Unnecessary, wrong message(s) send to a person or group within a time period of 7 minutes. The feature comes with the latest version of WhatsApp, When delete message is initiated two options are shown,

Delete for me / Delete for everyone

Delete for everyone ensures that the message is deleted at both ends.

Notification History App

Is it possible to get the details of deleted messages from applications, say for example from Whatsapp.? Yes, it is possible using an application called ‘ Notification History’. It is available on the leading Android, iOS applications. It’s very similar to push notifications from Google but has dedicated itself to this purpose only. The app notifies new messages in any applications as a push notification, the app allows you to go through the time, message, sender details in the drop-down window.  The app stores the details to its own database which can be viewed whenever needed.  Can sort the saved archives according to your preference and needs.

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