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Chembra Peak- The Perfect Getaway Honeymoon Destination


Chembra Peak is a beautiful mountain range in Wayanad district of Kerala. The hilly village is a fast-growing honeymoon destination in Kerala. The prime attractions of Chembra peak is a heart-shaped lake in hilltop. The area attracts newly wed couples with its unique and natural views. The landscapes resemble the misty forests of Nilgiris. The peak becomes the tallest peak in Wayanad with its landscape diversity.

The main attractions, Best time to visit and Distance to Chembra Peak

  1. Heart-Shaped Lake
    The Heart-Shaped Lake in Chembra peak is one among beautiful places in Kerala. The cute little lake is located on top of Chembra peak. The natural looks and lovely atmosphere make the spot unique from the other tourist destinations. The lake is one of its kind with year around water availability. The lake has provides a calm and quiet atmosphere from the tiring city life. The Heart-Shaped Lake is the major spot for spotting young couples around the season.
  2. Trekking through mountains
    Trekking through the dense forests and mountain ranges are the major sport observed in Chembra peak. The place is suitable for Trekking and explores the natural beauty. Trekking is organized and managed by the local tourism development board. Riding gears and guides are available, reasonable charges fixed to avail it.   Trekking from base camp to peak takes almost 3 hours. Experienced guides will be helpful if you are visiting for the visiting time. The trekking through the mountains is a bit adventurous but it is a new experience. The views from the peak are splendid. One can see the entire Wayanad district from the Chembra peak.
  3. Best time to visit 
    The Chembra peak is an all season tourist destination. But since the destination offers trekking, it is best not to visit during the monsoon season. Monsoon season in southern parts of India is observed in June- August months. A fair charge of 500 INR is charged for trekking for a group of 10 members (Domestic), International tourists may have to pay a sum of 1000 INR for the same. Carry extra quantity of Water, Food, and clothing for emergency requirements.
  4. Location and Distance indications
    Chembra peak is located in Wayanad district of Kerala. The nearest town from Chembrapeak is Meppadi, Kalpetta which 8 km’s away. Bus services are available to Meppadi junction and Chembra. The nearest airport is Cochin International airport, which is around 92 km’s from Chembra. Nearest railway station is at a distance of 79 km’s from Chembra peak base camp. Chembra peak is 8 hours travel from Kochi.
    Kochi- Guruvayur – Kozhikode – Chembra peak.
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