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Panchalimedu Near Kuttikkanam Idukki District


Panchalimedu Near Kuttikkanam Idukki District.The journey from Mannancherry(14km from Alappuzha) to Panchalimedu.

Panchalimedu is the another one of the best hill stations in Idukki district Kerala.The atmosphere and climate at panchalimedu are very nice.The cool breeze and fog will feel like heaven.This will surely refresh our mind and body.We are started our journey from Mannancherry(14km from Alappuzha)at 6pm and reached in panchalmedu at 10AM.

8km from peruvanthanam When you are coming from Kottayam and 12 km from kuttikkanam when you are coming from thekkadi.Panchalimedu is located at peruvanthanam panchayath at Idukki district.The place will be 2500 ft above from sea level.The place will be nearly located at murinjapuzha.4.5km from murinjapuzha.Jeep service will be also available from murinjapuzha.If you want to stay near panchalimedu ,stay facility is available at peerumedu,kuttikkanam and mundakkayam.Kuttikkanam is selected for the stay,then thushaaram is the best option.Because thushaaram will be offering Homely stay.You can watch Makara Jyoti from panchalimedu during makarasamkranthi days.

According to Mahabharata story,Pandavas stayed at this place during their ban from the kingdom.That will be the story behind the name panchalimedu.There will be a small temple will be located at panchalimedu.A small Pond will be located near to the temple.The Pond will be known as panchalimedu.The pond will be used by the panjali,wife of Pandavas for bathing.This place will be best to visit throughout the year.But monsoon will be the best season to visit here.You can enjoy cool climate during the monsoon season.

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