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Nokia C1 Smartphone with Android Operating System

  • Nokia brand is coming back
  • The model Name is Nokia C1
  • Coming with two Operating systems android and windows
  • Available in four colors  White,grey,pink and Gold.
  • Two variants 5 inch and 5.5 Inch screen
  • The price upto 13000 to 25000
  • All are rumors not officially confirmed by NOKIA

Nokia C1 Smartphone with Android Operating System.Yes,that is a good news from the tech world,Nokia is coming back into the smartphone market.Nokia is coming back with there famous brand name “NOKIA” after completing the agreement with Microsoft.Some rumored  specifications and images are also leaked.They are coming back with a smartphone named as NOKIA C1. According to the rumors the Nokia C1 is coming with two operating systems,android and windows.Nokia C1 in android operating system will be running with there own Nokia Z launcher.According to the leaked image the nokia C1 is coming in four variant colors .White,grey,pink and Gold.

nokia c1

Nokia will be still silent about these rumors about there coming back  with Nokia C1 Smartphone with Android Operating System.The last leaked image will be shows the camera will be placed at the top left corner.The rumors will be says the smartphone will be arrive on this September,the price will be starting from 13000 to 25000.

They are coming with two variants.The first variant will be with 5 inch full HD display screen,2GB RAM,32GB inbuilt storage,along with 8mp rear camera and 5mp front facing camera Another one variant will be coming with 5.5 inch full HD display,3GB RAM,64GB inbuilt storage 13mp Rear camera and 5mp front facing camera.

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