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Moto G4 And G4 Plus From The Family Of Moto G


Moto G4 And G4 Plus From The Family Of Moto G. Surprise. New Motorola Smartphone is about to get the show. Motorola introduces all new Motorola G4 – The fourth gen Smartphone. As all you know G4 is the successor of moto G3. The G franchise smartphones by Motorola were a great success. All the models satisfied the needs of the customers as well as were budget friendly. Now at this point of success moto has decided to bring out their new party rocker to the show. Information indicates the Smartphone will have two versions. One aiming the budget customers and other aiming the rest of you peoples. Moto calls them as Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. The all new smartphones will be available in India, Brazil, and China by the end of the May. Even though the phone is packed with surprises.

The two models include all the existing features of the Previous models with some attractive ad on features. The main attractive hardware is the Home button itself. The Smartphone is loaded with a physical home button instead of the virtual one in the previous models. This will ease the use of the Smartphone customers. The second one is a uniquely designed fingerprint scanner. The scanner will be coming alongside with the home button. The turbocharging battery is the other feature.

The screen size of moto g4 and moto g4 plus is expected to be 5.5Inch HD display.The RAM will be expected to be 2GB and 3GB.The internal storage will be expected 16GB and 32 GB variants.The rear camera of moto G4 is expected to be 13mp and Moto G4 plus will be expected to be 16mp. Two color variables are expected like previous models, Black and white.

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