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Most Visited Honeymoon Destination In Kerala


Munnar is a beautiful hill station in Kerala known for its beautiful tea plantations. The tea plantations of Munnar is world famous with its refreshing views. It is one among the most visited honeymoon destination in Kerala. The cool climate and vegetation make a comfortable experience to the visitors. The name Munnar comes from the reference of 3 rivers confluence at Munnar. The famous Kannan Devan tea estate is located in Munnar, Idukki district.

Best Places To Visit In Munnar

  • Tea estates of Munnar
    The tea estates of Munnar preserves the essence and history of Munnar. Tea estates were one among the oldest industries established in India. Tea estates spread across a vast area flourishing greenery. Kannan devans tea plantations is the oldest among the estates. Located at a higher altitude, provides premium quality tea leaves.  There are around 50 tea estates are there in Munnar, most of them acquired by Tata Group.
  • Munnar Tea Museum
    Kannan devans tea plantations is now open for tourists, showcasing the culture and heritage of Munnar. The museum was opened in 2005 for the tourists. Old machines, practices, antiques are preserved are showcased. Munnar Tea Museum is a beautiful place in Munnar which attracts both domestic and international couples. The calm and refreshing atmosphere sets a mood for love. Having world’s best tea in Munnar with your loved ones is a good experience. The hill station offers various local products including homemade chocolates.
  • Other places of Interests

    Other attractions include Eravikulam national park, Mattupetty dam, Aanamudi hill stations. The Eravikulam national park is known for its Wild goats and Season Neela Kurunji flowers. Mattupetty dam is one the attractive dams in Kerala. Aanamudi is the highest peak in Kerala with beautiful views.

    Location and Distance indications to munnar

    Munnar is located in Idukki district of Kerala. The hill station is easily accessible through local road lines. Nearest major city is Kochi and at a distance of 150 km. The closest town is adimali and is at a distance of 31 km’s. Nearest railway station is Aluva-140 km.

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