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A Malayali Young Man Who Earns Income Through Internet


Akhil G is an unknown popular blogger in Kerala. He earns 4 lakh in a month through Affiliate, Sponsoring, AdSense and other advertisements. He is the CEO of the company AndroidHits situated in Thiruvananthapuram. 6 staffs were working there and 4 staffs in his Delhi office. And lots of people were working as part-time from home for him.

akhil G

  1. Introduce you to our readers

I am Akhil G. I am living in Thiruvananthapuram. I have been working in this field for 4 years. And I am providing guidelines to the areas of Blogging, Digital marketing and social media influencing. Currently, I have 4 web portals.

  1. How did you come to this field?

               It happened very unexpectedly.I started this first time in before 4 years. At that time I was a windows phone fan. I read all articles related to windows. Once I noticed an error in a very popular windows news portal and I commented that error. Unexpectedly I got a mail from the Chief Editor of the news portal. The content of the mail was the invitation to join their group. At that time I really don’t know about blogging. After that, I expressed my interest to him and joined to the group. He taught me what is blogging and its possibilities. I understand more about blogging from him. He was the first person who taught me about SEO and content marketing. After that, I experienced some good days there. Meanwhile, I had a desire that to start a new blog by myself. Then I started my new blog. I wasn’t an easy task. I have faced difficulties in this field. This field is very competitive. I tried my level best but it failed. Then I got a new friend from NewYork, he is an official writer in Microsoft blog. He motivated me a lot. He taught me some techniques like new areas, new writing styles, new methods and new aims. Then I again started blogging. At first, it was just a blog then it grows as a news portal. From that time my life starts changing.

  1. What are main sources of income?

I have got earnings in several ways. First time I have only Google AdSense as income. Then some companies started sponsoring. The income from sponsors is far better than AdSense. At last, I started affiliates. Now I think that it should be started on earlier. It is the easiest way to earn money. If you have an idea about how to market affiliates, you should get to higher levels.

  1. What are the traffic sources for the blog?

                  There are a group of good readers for news portals. My entire portal has a set of readers. They love us and we love them. In social media like Reddit, Facebook, Stumbleupon are the main traffic resources. Then Google news and big news also provides a big range or traffic.

  1. Is there any problem faced from blogging field?

In every field have its own difficulties. The big problem I faced that the shutdown of my first blog. My living area is also a problem. I think I am the one who took the first broad brand connection in our area. The mobile network range in our area is very low. These are the main problems that I face now. I am also planning to move to Delhi as soon as possible. Most of the brands are giving more importance to Delhi bloggers. So I lose a lot of opportunities.

  1. How is your working style?

I don’t have any working styles. Firstly I was working without any order. Whenever I get time I do my work. Then I realized that there is no gain with this type of working manner. So I changed it. Firstly I am planned to arrange facilities to do work from anywhere. Now I am doing news reports from 6 am in every day. I have enough staffs now so that I didn’t feel any kind of difficulties. One of the staff from my office will always be with me. We will work for a week and we will discuss on Saturdays. They have a lot of doubts and we solve it. They share their new ideas and try to motivate each other. I have staffs from different parts of the country. Now we are doing 24-hour news reporting. My team has very experienced writers. They are senior than me. So everything goes smoothly.

  1. Do you have any life-changing moment in blogging?

Yes, my life has started changing from I met my American friend. Then I choose technology as the main topic that also influenced me a lot.

  1. How much time do you spend on work?

It is difficult to say. The news comes in different time. So we were being ready in every time. The first thing about technology has been introduced in China and America. I sleep 5 hours in a day. The rest of time is used to study new things and do work. The rate of readers depends on how much time we work. I will work till I achieve my target. My friends, colleagues from AndroidHits and the Indian editor Abdullah Bin Mubarak help me to reduce workload. He is more sincere than me.

  1. Some people think that blogging is easy. What is your opinion?

                    It depends on how we handle it. If we try to work like others work it won’t be an easy task. If we wrote articles easily sometimes it doesn’t give any gains. At that time it feels very difficult to us. I know a lot of people who were left out from blogging. And I am one of them. As I mentioned about my friend, if he doesn’t come to my life at that time I will not able to do it now. And I may be focus on chemistry or other things that I study now. I do not agree with those people who only say it is an easy task without writing any blogs. But I know the situation of the people those who tried and failed in this field. It is the easiest way to gain money if you do the work in different styles. Blogging will be easiest if you approach it in a different way. If you love blogging I will be simple for you.

  1. Future plans

My aim is to continue my work in this same manner. Now I have a lot of limitations. And I would like to start a new blog by appointing full-time staffs.

  1. What do you like to say to people who enter into blogging?

The number of good and honourable workers is very low in Kerala. You can earn more money by creating fake news. But you can’t enjoy that money. In future, you will not able to tell your children about your blog URL if you work without any sincere. We have to make our own styles to make it the success. You can do this job with enjoyment. We can also live a life like that we do not feel like we are working. We need to create good bloggers from Kerala. New peoples will need to come up for that.

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