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Malayalam Meme Images Android App For Create Trolls


Now trolls are the trending product on social medias. Mallus Create trolls for every issues.There are different kind of trolls are in social media ,Comedy(chali) trolls,political trolls,college trolls,malayalam cinema trolls and more.Some Facebook pages and groups available for trolls.Before some years Photoshop is the only software available for create trolls.That will be difficult for most of the common peoples.Every peoples have a lot of ideas for create trolls but creating a troll is very difficult for common people.At that time Team Four Big Brothers developed Malayalam Troll Maker(MTM) android app.That application will be helped very much for create trolls and greetings in malayalam. Now malayalam troll maker team will be developed another application Malayalam Troll Meme Images ,the app will give the meme images for create a troll.The details about the Malayalam Troll Meme Images and Malayalam Troll Maker(MTM) app will be listed below.

Famous Facebook Troll pages

  • Troll Malayalam
  • Troll Mollywood
  • ICU troll
  • College Trolls

Malayalam Troll Maker and Malayalam Troll Meme Images Android Applications

Malayalam Image Editor – Troll

This android application is helps to create trolls and greetings in malayalam. This one is the best editor application available on android platform.This android app will be replaces the mobile version of the photo shop.Malayalam Troll maker app is to be specially designed for malayalees. The app will be supports more than 10 malayalam fonts.The application is user friendly and easy to use.You can select the image from album and start to create troll or greetings.There are a lot of public posts and templates are available ,You can re edit this.You can also access the trolls from various Facebook troll pages through this application.The application  will be free.If you need to remove the water mark you need to pay for that.


Malayalam Troll Meme Images

This will be the new application from the Team Four Big Brothers family.The availability of the plain malayalam meme images is the one of the common issue of a troller(troll creator).Now the problem is fixed by this android application.You can access a lot of plain meme images by using this application.The application has several categories like actor name,movie name.Select a meme image and edit with MTM APP.Now troll making is very easy.There is also an option to submit your own plain meme images for public. Once you submitted a meme image the admin will review and accept if it is under there policy.


If you have an idea for create a troll just open this application and simply create.The application is free and available on android play store.

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