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Kids Messenger- By Facebook


Kids Messenger is the all-new social messenger from facebook. It allows the kids to communicate with the relatives and friends across various areas. The app has built-in stickers and imogies for fun and great experiences. The app is especially is designed for kids to communicate with their friends and families online. The app can be managed by either the parents or the kids themselves.

Facebook Kids Messenger- The innovation

Kids Messenger app is the new app designed and developed by Facebook. The app was officially introduced in late 2017. The app is based on iOS platform but will be soon available on the Android platforms. The app focuses on kids with the age group up to 13 years. The main feature begins with the registration itself- No phone number is required, only First and the Middle name is required.  The app makes use of Wi-Fi to place calls instead of mobile phone number

Messenger kids – Features

The prime feature is that it is exclusively for messaging purpose and no ads are included in the platform. Advanced parent control which allows the kids to chat with their selected audience only. No information regarding the user is published on Facebook. Hence no one can search the kid’s profile from out of the friend’s circle. Features games and educational contents. Augmented reality filters and lenses with fun stickers and imogies. High-quality audio and video calling feature with great experience.

Parental control Redefined through kids messenger

Parental control feature stays uncompromed with the all new Messenger kids. The parents have the supreme command over the contents of the app. They can add , filter and choose contents, contacts and others with the app. The identification and verification of friend requests is over seen by the parents. Parents can add friends or family or even acquaintances contacts with the app and create a more safe and controlled environment.

How to use Messenger kid

The app is now exclusively available in iOS platforms only. The beta version is released is United states and have gained positive reviews.
How to set up Messenger kids
1. Download the app from iOstore to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
2. Authenticate the app using parent’s facebook account.
3. Create an account for your kid by simply adding his/her name .
4. Add friends and family circles to kid messenger account.

Now your child has safe and secure chat with family members, friends and selected audience. Place HD video and voice calls and send imogies and fun stickers on the go.

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