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Is it possible to have multiple numbers on a single SIM


The Cloud Communication Service Provided Root Mobile Limited has initiated a new series for the business people’s. They can use different numbers in one SIM card safely. They provide a virtual number and it is also encrypted. An instant virtual number is a temporary number that you can use when you don’t want to share your personal number. It can be used only in rooted devices.  The IVN numbers will be very helpful for the women’s who don’t want to disclose their number to the unknowns such as taxi drivers, hotels, consumer outlets, clothing brands, etc.

The peoples can access the instant virtual service on a monthly basis. It is a paid subscription. The IVN is integrated with a cloud telephone. It enables peoples to use two numbers in a SIM card. The original number will be the primary number and the IVN will be the second number in your device.  The IVN number will reflect like a normal number in devices.  The virtual number allows the full range of hosted VoIP services such as call forwarding, call attendants, integration with SMS and more.  The virtual number can be used on a scheduled basis. And can use in a period of time. The person can request the operator to change the virtual number and can also request to return the last used virtual number within a specific period of time.

The IVN numbers will be very helpful for different aspects such as to publish an advertisement in a newspaper,  to start a business based Whatsapp, outlets such as restaurant and the women’s who don’t want to share their numbers to the unknowns. The calls and the SMS rates are equal to the normal package. The usage of virtual number is under controlled by the telephone service provider.

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