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How To Increase The Speed Of Jio 4G Net-100% Working


How To Increase The Speed Of Jio 4G Net-100% Working.Jio is an Mumbai 4G,broadband and digital service provider. based Jio 4G network from Reliance industry entering into the Indian telecom network with providing amazing offers.First they introduced jio  preview offer along with there LYF smartphones.The preview offer will be provide unlimited 4G internet,unlimited voice call,unlimited sms and access to the jio applications.After that they extended the preview offer to some models of samsung Lg devices.The users will be excited because of these kinds of free offers and 4G network speed. Actually the main attraction of reliance jio at this stage will be the 4G network speed. Somany customers are started to buying LYF smart phones for access this free preview offer.The reliance jio 4G will be commercially launched on September 5.After that the 3 month preview offer will be extended up to Dec31 also the preview offer will be enabled with all 4G devices.After that the LYF smartphone sale will be going to down .They also introduced JioFi 4G devices at this stage.

How To Increase The Speed Of Jio 4G Net-100% Working

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Now a days the reliance jio network speed will be going down.Also the preview offer will be changed to welcome offer.The welcome offer will be provide only 4G data in every day with normal speed.After the 4G usage the speed of the network will be reduce.Now the speed of Jio 4G network will be very slow it seems like 2G network.The main reason will be the increased number of users.Anther reason is now reliance jio will be testing there network by providing this welcome offer. Jio will be officially launch after Dec 31 2016.Probably the reliance jio network will be now in beta stage.

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A lot of reliance jio customers will be  every day trying to increase the network speed.The internet will be dull of tricks and tips.That will helps to the users for increasing the network speed.But you can see so many tricks in internet to increase the network speed of reliance jio network.Which trick will be works ?that will be a big problem.You need to test every trick in internet.But don’t worry!we tried some tricks for increase the reliance jio network speed and the worked tricks are shared with you in below.

How To Increase The Speed Of Jio 4G Net-100% Working

Method 1

You can increase the jio network speed by changing the APN settings.Please note the default APN before changing it.Steps are noted below.

  • Go to Settings >> More>>mobile networks>>access point names>>Edit the access point by adding the following data.
  • Name – RJio
  • APN – jionet
  • Proxy – No changes
  • Port – No changes
  • Username – No changes
  • Password – No changes
  • Server – change to
  • MMSC – No changes
  • MMS proxy – No changes
  • MMS port – No changes
  • MCC – No changes
  • MNC – No changes
  • Authentication type – None
  • APN Protocol – Ipv4
  • APN Type – Default
  • APN Roaming protocol:Ipv4
  • Bearer:  set to LTE
  • mono type:None

After adding the data click on the dots on the top right corner.Then click to save.Switch of the device then turn ON.Check The network speed.

Method 2:

The next trick to increasing the reliance jio network speed will be a VPN. Turbo VPN is that VPN will be helps to increasing your jio network connection speed.Turbo VPN will be the best unlimited,high speed VPN on android device.The turbo VPN will be also helps to secure your 4G WiFi hot spot and unblock the blocked sites in your network.This VPN will be provide high speed data connectivity.The application will be also provide lots of free cloud proxy server to provide better VPN service.Protect your network traffic under WiFi hotpot Browse anonymously and securely without being tracked.The application will be works fine with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.Download the application,open the app,theen tap to connect>>connect to any server>>better to connect with Singapore server.


How To Increase The Speed Of Jio 4G Net-100% Working

The above tricks will be works fine  in our testing devices.We don’t promise the tricks will be works fine with all the devices.use the trick your own risk.