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How To Use Google Translator App


Google Translate is a translation facility by Google Inc. It offers assistance to millions of users over 100 + different languages. The machine learning, translation algorithm reads and translate the parameters to the desired language medium. It is one among the popular and widely used application with positive user feedback. The application is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The application was integrated with Google Chrome browser for a better user experience.

Google Translate Modes of Input and Output

Modes of input include text, speech and handwriting recognition. The mobile application is user-friendly and interactive.The user can enter the text, voice or writings to get the instant translation. The application automatically detects the language and translates it’s to the desired the output language. The app helps you get the exact pronunciation of the word or sentence. The Android mobile application was released in 2010 and the iOS version was released in 2011.

Capture and Translate feature of Google Translate

In 2015, Google translate added new feature to its dashboard Рcapture and translate. The feature offered real time assistance to the user by simply translating the word/sentence by capturing using built in camera of the app. 32 different languages is supported by this feature. The app allows the camera to focus on the word/phrases to be translated and produce the translation in the selected language. Offline feature is one of the other interesting feature of Google translate. Users can download the language files and make translations  offline. This feature is available to over 55 + languages.

How to use Google Translate app

Android users who have not downloaded the application can directly download the application from Play store. Now open the application from main menu. Now you will be directed to a dashboard window. There you can see a window displaying ” Tap to enter a text”. 4 different modes of inputs are available including text, camera, speech and handwriting. You can use either one of the methods to get your translations. Every modes of input serves different purposes. Camera input method is similar to World Lens program. You can choose over 100+ languages and get instant and accurate translations.

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