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How To Unlock Pattern Screen Lock On Android Device


Most of the smart phones are in android platform. For protecting content on the phone Pattern lock used most widely. Pin lock, Password lock, Are also available on android devices for locking purpose. Latest android devices have fingure print, voice recoganisation; face detection locking mechanisms are available. But commonly used method is pattern lock. It’s very simple and power full. But it’s very difficult to unlock when we forget the pattern. Then we try different patterns. After many wrong attempts the phone will permanently locked. Then show a window to enter Google account details.How To Unlock Pattern Screen Lock On Android Device.

One option to unlock the pattern lock is to enter the Gmail id and password that is connected with the Google play store. This method will only work when the mobile data is on. The internet connectivity is off on your device, and then this method will not work.

Unlock pattern Lock By using Android device manager. Read This Article


How To Unlock Pattern Lock Without Google Account

  1. Turn off the device and wait for some seconds
  2. Press and hold Volume Up + Power Button + Home Button at same time.

Release the power button when your device is powered on.Some device models has no home button. In this cause use volume up + power + volume down button or there combination. Search on Google with your device model. You will get the correct keys.

  1. Now you will get DOS screen
  2. Volume up and down keys are use to move and power button is use to select.
  3. Select restore factory settings. Then wait for some times.

NB: Your all data’s and apps are deleted when using this method.

  1. Then Scrawl down and select reboot system now. This will takes some time. Wait some time.

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