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How To Make Your ATM Transaction And Credentials Will Be Secure


How To Make Your ATM Transaction And Credentials Will Be Secure.Today ATM services will be widely used for withdraw money.ATM will be allows withdraw money anytime from anywhere.No need to go the bank,no need to fill up the paper check.Now ATM counters are available anywhere.But the sad news is the ATM attacking and robbery will be increases day by day.Bank account credentials hacking will be now a common news.The hackers are withdraw money or doing purchasing by using this credentials.

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Try to avoid the use of ATM counters in Rural areas.Some banks are placed securities in ATM counters.Try to use ATM counters available with security person.Use the ATM counters in public places.Because presence of a lot of peoples will be give security.Avoid to go ATM counters with ornaments.

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How To Make Your ATM Transaction And Credentials Will Be Secure

  • Put a Signature on your debit card-Sign on the signature panel found on reverse side of the debit card
  • Change your ATM pin monthly by using soft pin facility
  • Keep the card number and contact number in safe place.This will be helps to report ATM card loss fastly.
  • Don’t share your OTP with anyone
  • Update your mobile number with bank,when you lost your sim card or take a new connection.
  • Don’t throw your ATM transaction receipt in public places.
  • Check your transactions monthly and report to bank if any suspicious transaction will be found.
  • Inform to the bank if any change in communication address.
  • If you have multiple cards carry only the ones that you have needed.
  • Keep multiple cards in separate folders in your wallet
  • Report loss of card immediately to the bank
  • Destroy the old cards before disposing it off

Don’t USE the following 

  • Don’t keep  your debit card and pin together
  • Don’t write your PIN anywhere
  • Don’t tamper with magnetic strip found on your debit card
  • Do not disclose your card number CVV,PIN, to strangers over internet or phone
  • Do not leave your cards in public places
  • Don’t lend your card to anyone
  • Do not share your ATM Pin with anyone