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How To Know Last Activity Time Of Your Friend On Instagram


Instagram is one of the most downloaded social networking application. It is an instant photo, video sharing application with wide reach and connectivity. It was introduced in the mid-2010 and is an Internet-based application. The first model was solely designed for iOS platforms for real-time photo sharing. The application is owned by Facebook and is one of the popular subsidiaries. It allows the users to put geotags and hashtags and is available in 33 different languages

Instagram- Photo sharing and Instagram Direct

What are the makes Instagram a better social networking application.? Well, the answer is the app name itself. It allows the users to share pictures or short videos instantly with same size and quality. Allows to add hashtags and geotags and also comes with photo filter options. Users can choose their audiences according to their comfort. Instagram Direct allows the users to send private messages over Instagram.  Users who follow one other can send private messages including text, photo, video and geotags.

Last active Feature and Instagram Direct

As mentioned earlier, Instagram direct allows to sent private messages to your followers through the Instagram account. But, the Instagram direct feature received mixed reviews because it does not provide information about users active at the moment. In order to gain positive reviews, Instagram has introduced ‘Last seen feature’. This brand new feature allows the Instagram user to see the active users on his/her following list. Active now feature indicates that the user is available at the moment. Last seen feature is also introduced along with this active now feature. Last seen and active now features would allow the users to communicate effectively.

How to On And Off Instagram Activity Status Bar

The newly introduced feature which is activity status is ON by default status. Allowing the users to see the active friends and acquaintances. But this feature may be inconvenient for some of the users who have different privacy concerns. So it has to be turned off, but how. ? Here is what you have to do

Goto Settings-Activity status- On/Off.

Disabling the activity status only disables your activity status and last seen the status. Once disabled you will not be able to see the other’s activity status too.

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