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How To Hide Your Details From Truecaller And Protect Your Privacy


Trucaller is an application mainly used to identify incoming calls and blocking unwanted calls.Truecaller application will be available on android,ios and windows platforms. Truecaller will have more than 2 billion phone number database.You can identify the owner and details of mobile number by using truecaller application.You can also search the details of a particular number via there website you get a call from unknown number the truecaller application will be shows the details of the number if available on truecaller database.You can also block unwanted calls or hidden numbers using truecaller service.The truecaller application will be collects your number and detailes when you open the application after installing on your phone.The collected detailes will be added into the truecaller database and it will be publicly visible.Anyone can find your name and details by using your mobile number.Without providing your number and details you can no option to access the truecaller application.How To Hide Your Details From Truecaller And Protect Your Privacy.There is an option to hide your personal details from truecaller database.


If you need to hide your personal details from truecaller database.First you need to deactivate your truecaller account.follow the steps to deactivate truecaller account.

1)Open the application

2)click setting>>about>>deactivate>>press yes

After deactivating your account you can not use the true caller service.Then follow the steps


2)Enter your number you want to unlist

3)enter the verification captcha

4)Then press unlist

After this your details removed from database .If some one searches your phone number on truecaller ,your details will not show.

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