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How to get help from remote areas


Communication is one of the most basic components of modern lifestyle. Advanced ways are being developed day by day. The people are connected by various means of communication technology. With the help of present devices, users can contact a person from the neighborhood, another state, and other countries at ease. The time elapsed delay is now never an excuse, real-time conversation and chats are possible with these modern accessories. What if you are trapped in an area without mobile coverage and hard-line cables structures.? What Will you do? How would you survive.? Have you ever thought about it.?

Emergency calls service

Emergency calls service is a common feature of every mobile phone. This feature stays unchanged no matter the mobile manufacturers or network providers changes. What does it do, how does it work.? Most of us have no sure idea about it. Well here’s the answer. The emergency calls service is provided by mobile network providers to assist its users to evade from emergency situations. It allows the user to place calls to a selected number of contacts by accessing the strongest signal available nearby. The provider may use the nearest service providers wavelength to help the user from the situation.

Need for technological advance

What is the need for distress signals.? What is the need for apps capable of assisting the user to produce distress signals.?

A distress signal is an open help calls without any determined recipient. Distress signals are used in case of emergency situations like natural calamities such as flood, hurricane, tsunami, earthquake or other emergency situations. But making distress signals effectively is the real challenge in such situations. Technical support must be sought in such situations but unfortunately, the technology is still incapable. Recent reports suggest that a group of scientists from Spain has developed a mobile application that actually helps to survive in such situations.

How it works

The application is similar to all other mobile application. Once installed it integrates with location and Wi-Fi system. The advantage of this application is that is capable of working in areas without any mobile coverage and chances of survival is minimal. The application generates Wi-Fi signals with high amplitudes, which can read by using special transceivers. The application is tested in all climatic and geographic conditions. Another feature in the app produces continuous distress signals if a user is trapped in a remote area for a long time.

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