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Facebook Introduced Emergency Response Feature


Facebook emergency Response is an initiate from Facebook to provide assistance in an event of emergency. The facility allows the users to either request or respond in an event of emergency. Emergency situations may varies from climatic conditions to hostage or terrorist activities. The Facebook emergency response gives an opportunity to assist the needy with a little of your time and help. The feature not only provides a way of self-service but also offers a medium to convey that you are safe and not affected by the emergency situation.

Publish, Ask or Offer Help

In an event of emergency situations, it is appropriate to post your situation with your friends and loved ones. Let’s put that with an example, an unexpected flood breaks out in your area, most of the areas are under water. You are living in the affected area, so your friends and family will be tensed and worried. Now you can make use of this feature on Facebook to notify them that you are safe and not affected. This will helps your acquaintances to know and hear that you are safe. What if you are affected by the same event, then you can ask for help from the nearby peoples. Also, you can offer help to those who are stranded in your nearby areas.

How to use Emergency Response Feature 

Facebook emergency response is one of them best feature available to let know that you are safe in an event of emergency. This feature not only allows to publish your safety status but also helps to volunteer the emergency situations.

1. Log on to your facebook account
2. Goto settings – Safety check
3. There you can see a map of Green and Red Dots
4. As always, Red indications individuals who are in need of help while green indicates the peoples those are safe./ Ready to offer help
5. If you need help, you can click on the people appearing with green dots, drop down menu will list the offered help including Shelter, Water, food.
6. Click on the person offering help and message him/her directly.
7. The same can be done by the personals to sort the needy

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