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Everything Need To Know About iPhone 8 Rumors


Everything Need To Know About iPhone 8 Rumors.iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are launched in 2016, But iPhone 7 will be not a huge success.The next series from apple iPhone is iPhone 8.Some rumors about iPhone 8 will be spreading over the online communities.2017 will be the 10th anniversary of Apple.Apple iPhone 7 will be also in 201, then the users are expected big changes in Apple iPhone.

Everything Need To Know About iPhone 8 Rumors

Everything Need To Know About iPhone 8 Rumors

All features, specifications, price, Release date of iPhone 8 will be rumors.Apple will be not officially declared any news about iPhone 8.Apple makes a big change in Design of iPhones.

What are the  Specifications of iPhone 8?

iPhone 8 Design and Display

The design will be the main attraction of iPhone 8 series.The screen size will be expected up to 5.8 inches.The screen will be an edge to edge AMOLED Display.The body will be glass made.The display will also include integrated fingerprint sensor and front facing camera.No home buttons in iPhone 8 screen.

iPhone 8 Camera and Battery

Expecting dual lens camera with Optical Image stabilization in iPhone 8.The new iPhone 8 will support 3D photography effects.Also waiting for LG camera modules in iPhone 8 series.Primary camera will be expected to change from 12mp and not change at 7mm main camera. Wireless charging technology will also be scheduled for iPhone 8.The distance of wireless charging will be improved and nothing expected change of battery power.

iPhone 8 Processor and OS

Like the processor and OS series, Expecting A11 processor with ios 11.According to the rumors iPhone 8 will have comes with 3GB OR 4GB of RAM.A11or A11 Fusion processor with 3GB or 4GB of RAM will give much more power to the iPhone8.

Other Features Of iPhone 8

  • Smart connector
  • Updated Security Features
  • iRis Scanner

Price and Release Date Of Iphone 8

The price of iPhone 8 will be similar to iPhone 7.The expecting price of iPhone 8 in India will be up to 70000RS.The launching of iPhone 8 will be in September 2017.

The above specifications and data about iPhone 8 will be rumors, not announced officially.


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