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How to connect Internet to Smart tv to Internet without Wifi


The modern world revolutionizes every aspect of life. Each and every simple is now getting digital. The new inventions and innovative technology makes the life more compact and hustle free. Once Smartphones was a revolutionary technology but now the time brings the smart Tv. Smart Tv is a modern gadget which connects to the Internet. Slowly but steady Smart Tv’ s are acquiring the market. The main attraction of the gadget is the intelligent ability to connect to the Internet. Stream online videos, music, apps and much more.

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Smart Tv and Features

Smart Tv in broader terms can be defined as a connected intelligent integrated Tv with video streaming and web browsing online. The major attractions are the prime feature of connected entertainment capabilities. The Tv acts as a normal setup box connected Tv and Intelligent Internet Tv at the same. Providing unrestricted access to the Internet with Unlimited Movies, Songs, Apps, Games and much more. The Smart Tv acts as the best example of Interactive media experience. The software for smart Tv is integrated within the setup box facility. Some other attractions include Multi-window screening, adaptive Plug and Play facility and Video on demand services.

Screencast and Google Chromecast

Screencast allows the device to cast or mirror its screen to nearby devices. The facility allows the users to replicate the screen of his/her device onto other devices or gadgets. Imagine casting your favorite video on the video wall by instantly connecting at a time. The technology allows the user to play Movies, Videos, Music or Apps over the connected screen. The screencast allows the contents to be displayed on a large screen without any additional cost. Google Chromecast is a device which helps the device to connect to the Internet on the go. Amazon Firestick is the latest add on’s available in the market.

Ways to connect to Internet without WiFi

One of the major requirement of the smart Tv is the Internet connectivity. Most the devices are connected to home networks for greater performances. But is it possible to connect the smart Tv without WiFi facility.? Yes, it is possible. The technique is termed as Screen casting or Mirror screen. It allows the smart Tv to connect to the smartphone and enjoy the features online without connecting to WiFi. The technique actually cast the contents of the smartphone over to the smart Tv. Screencast option is available on every android devices with OS version 4.4.2 or higher. The Chrome cast option is also available for leading smart Tv settings.

What if your smartphone or smart Tv doesn’t support screw casting then you can make use of Add-on devices such as Google Chromecast or Amazon fire stick which allows connecting to the Internet very swiftly.

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