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How to check the activities on Facebook


As you know Facebook is one the leading social media platform in the entire world. Facebook redefined the concepts of social networking sites and is a free software. Registered users with internet connections can connect with Facebook using many devices such as Smartphone, tab, Computer etc. Facebook gains its wide popularity with its features and eases to use interface.

Basic structure and Features of facebook

The prime structure of Facebook can be simply outlined in the following – Timeline, Wall, Friends, and Newsfeed. The timeline is your personal space where you can see your photos, videos and other shares based on a yearly basis. You can choose the year, month or even date to see your older posts or photos. profile picture and the cover photo is displayed on top of this page. Wall is the space you can post contents of a various medium such as photos, videos, gif and live videos. You can also scroll up and down to see the recent updates made by people, pages which you previously connected. Friends are similar to as the term, but with a difference, you can connect without any global boundaries. Users can send friend requests to people they knew or like to connect with. News Feed is a notification panel which notifies various activities within the website.

Activity Log of facebook

The activity log is a feature introduced by Facebook to manage your activities with the website. This feature allows keeping track of your current as well as past activities. Thus one can restrict audiences who see, share and comment on your posts. Tagging can also be restricted by using this feature which prevents any users who tag you with any inappropriate or unwanted posts. Activity log in others words can be called as a Review policy with uncompromising privacy standards.

How to see Liked pictures using Activity Log

The activity log can be selected from the user profile window of the application. Users can either connect by using the computer or by a smartphone for this feature. If you are using a smartphone, Open the Facebook application- choose the menu button ( with 3 cross bars) – tap on the display name – Now tap on the Activity Log button under the profile picture- Now you will be directed to a window displaying your activities.
Sort according to your requirement- Put Filters ” If you Looking for Liked photos, put the filter to ‘Like’  also add other parameters such as date. You can unlike any Liked photos if you want and share if needed.
If you are using a computer, then You can simply Log on to the Website- click on the profile-View activity Log- Put your required Filters on.

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