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How To Buy Color Changing Magical MUG From Amazon


How To Buy Color Changing Magical MUG From Amazon.Today am describing the steps to order color changing magical mug from Amazon.The mug is similar to the normal tea mug.But the specialty is the color of the mug will change when we add hot water or Tea to the mug.You can customize the background of the tea mug.This will helps to surprise your friends, mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or any other one by giving this magical mug as a gift.The default color of the mug is black.The color will changes to personalized image when we add something hot to it.

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How To Buy Color Changing Magical MUG From Amazon
Before adding hot Tea
magical Mug
After Adding Hot Tea

This will be one of the best examples of thermochromism and heat-sensitive paint.The thermochromism is the property of certain materials to change their own color in response to a change in temperature.There are so many merchants are providing magical mug at Amazon.Today am listing best two merchants and steps to order customized mug.

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How To Buy Color Changing Magical MUG From Amazon

  1. ANJALIS Black Color Changing Magic Photo Mug – Customized or Personalized With Photo

The merchant Anjali’s studio is offering 325ml mug at 249 Rs.You need to give 50 Rs extra for the Delivery charge.The mug is made with the good quality ceramic material.Before placing an order at Amazon please send us your selected picture to [email protected] that they will replay with the preview of customized image.Order from amazon after fixing the customized image.Then send the amazon order ID to suppor[email protected] will get customized magical mug within 7 days.


2. Exciting Lives Original High-Quality Color Changing Magic Photo Mug (Black)

Another merchant  Exciting Lives will offer high-quality color changing mug at amazon.They provide 330ml sized mug at RS 240+50Rs for delivery charge.Order the mug from amazon, after placing the order go here.Provide Your amazon order number Email ID and phone number.After that upload your customized image, tagline and select the template.You will receive customized mug within 7 to 17 days from amazon.


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