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Best YouTube Channel To Learn English Language


Today we are introducing a YouTube channel, that will helps to learn English through the Malayalam language.This channel has started by Justin Thomas, who is an Engineer and MBA holder with another Post Graduation from New Zealand. He started this channel with a long term research carried out for more than 10 years on different methods to teach English. Also, he took contributions from british born native speakers, English professors, and New Zealanders and came out with his own method.


learn enlish

He claims that this is the world’s easiest method to learn English through Malayalam language and no one has ever tried this unique method. He proves that even a 4th standard educated person can speak English if he is strictly following his method.

He never talks about or teaches you any sort of hardcore grammar rules and bookish English. He teaches you real spoken English and you will learn all grammar automatically without any hassle.

He teaches from the basics and the explain you the reason why Indians especially Malayalees find it difficult to learn English. Then he teaches very simplest rules to follow and you really get sparkling confidence just even attending 1 lecture of him. In all the English books authors teach you grammar first but his method is different. He reminding us the way we have learned Malayalam.We have never concentrated on grammar while we were learning Malayalam. So he followed the same method and made it really simple and students are getting motivation and found it really easy to learn.

He told us his own experience when he reached started Interacting with Native English speakers in New Zealand,  ”when I started speaking to the native English speakers, I found that the English we learned in schools and colleges are different and they never use that bookish English and not even follow strict grammar rules. That was a real shock for me”.

He claims that none of the popular books in Malayalam is teaching real Spoken English and most of the books were made to make money. He always advises students to learn from the first chapter and learn it properly before they move to the next chapter. By following this method students understand everything in the following chapter and don’t find any sort of surprise and disappointment. He made small chapters for each section and majority of his videos are less than 15 minutes. This makes students to concentrate and grasp everything without losing the focus.

It is a completely free course and he is adding new videos every week. He is getting a lot of appreciation from Malayalis across the world as they are getting real benefit from this course in their job.Also, he replied to all queries and doubts from his subscribers. He also gives assistance to the students via his Facebook without charging anything.

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