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Which Are The Best Tourist Spots In Trivandrum-Kerala ,India


Which Are The Best Tourist Spots In Trivandrum-Kerala ,India. Trivandrum is a capital of the southern state of Kerala. Trivandrum is one of the beautiful place in Kerala. Trivandrum is also one of the cleanliest cities in India.Tourist also attracted this place very much. Thiruvananthapuram(Trivandrum) is known as  the City of temples, Museums, Institutions and land of Art and Culture.Best Tourist spots in trivandrum Kerala will be listed below.

1)Sree Parasurama Temple

This temple is situate on the road from Kovalam to Trivandrum and is dedicated to Lord Parasuram- the Creator of the state of Kerala.The temple surroundings are very well maintained. Absolute peace inside. If you are traveling by bus from Trivandrum to Kovalam, then you will pass nearby this temple. The bus has a stop near this temple.It is a nice temple on the bank of a small river. It remains closed in the afternoon and reopens at 5 pm in the evening.

2)Napier Museum 

The Napier Museum is a beautiful building and was interesting to see both inside and out side.Named after British governor the Napier museum is something you can’t afford to miss while in the city.The museum also has zoological gardens and is known to be one of the well planned zoos of Asia. The botanical garden also has all the species of tropical trees that exist.The art works especially the sculptures in wood and bronze and stone.

3)Kovalam Beach

It is the most famous beach of Kerala. It is also  prime attraction for the travelers.There is a beautiful sunsets and   Its a good place to be with your loved ones and friends. It is one of the best tourist place. Easy to access from Trivandrum City . Every 20 Min city bus trips from East fort to Kovalam Beach. A beautiful beach for kids and grownups for their activities . Its a good beach close to the city.

4)Veli Tourist Village

Veli tourist village is popular and beautiful place.Veli lake meeting  the Arabian sea. The village is connected with the veli beach by floating wooden bridge to be crossed on foot.Boating facilities are available in the village to enjoy a view  of the beautiful place.

This is one of the best beaches around Thiruvananthapuram. If you are planning to spent an evening at a beach, you should be here. You can have a wonderful beach experience here. Horse riding is also available here.

5)Sri padmanabha swamy Temple

If you are a devout Hindu then you can’t miss visiting this temple when visiting Trivandrum. Huge and has many other temples inside the campus. One of the richest temple in India. Truly stunning and the best place in the city… it’s temple of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is represented here as sri padmanabha swamy. This temples tells the history behind the city name “Thiruvananthapuram”; which expands as thiru-anantha-puram where Lord Mahavishnu sleeps over Anantha; and the position of god is called ananthasayana. This is a historical place, and now very famous due to the latest exploration of thousands year old precious stones and gold worth hundreds of billion US dollars.

6)Poovar Island

It’s a place where you can spend your half of the day. Awesome beach in Kerala. sunset from the golden sand beach is amazing. You can easily get a boat ride or cruise to drive you towards the point. Also have some floating restaurants for snacks if you wish. Water’s are of course not clean but the drive is where it’s match. In terms of price for the boat ride you have to be a little smarter while dealing. overall a nice place to visit.

7)Shanghumugham beach 

This Shanghumugham beach is a very sweet and attractive beach in Trivandrum.Away the crowd of the city western side of Trivandrum lies the shanghumukham beach.The jalakanyaka mermaid sculpture is an added attraction for the visitors. It is beautiful and at the same time, not much crowdy like Kovalam. So beach is a nice place to spend your evenings or weekends. This is an awesome beach. There is also a children’s park nearby.Watching sunset is very beautiful from this beach.

8)Agastya Mala 

Agastya Mala is without doubt the best place in Trivandrum. The place is open only during a few months of Jan-May. One needs to take special permission from forest department for which they now have an online reservation system. One will need to check the dates of when booking starts as last year the reservations got over that day itself.Regarding the place it is a 2 day trek of about 30 km. There is a place to stay at the end of day 1 where food will be provided. The trek is not that difficult but it require a lot of stamina. There are a lot of small streams in the way and some unbelievable view points. There is a temple of Agastya muni at the top, so you will find a lot of people on pilgrimage as well. All in all, this is a must visit place for trekking lovers.

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