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Beautiful & Cheapest World Tourism Destinations


The majority of the people love to travel. Some use vacation to make their trips, some dumps their jobs for such travels. Among these travelers, everyone would love to go to foreign countries. Money becomes a barrier for many of them, surprisingly there are many countries in the globe where Indian rupee has high transaction value. These beautiful countries offer premium experiences with cheapest rates. Some of them includes the following,

Bhutan is a small country which lies on the southern slopes of the Himalayas between Indian and Tibet. Bhutan has beautiful natural landscapes, monasteries, and hills. The ancient era of great empires makes Bhutan more attractive from the others. The National Museum and National Library describes the culture and legacy of their country. It is a major destination for the tourists and historians. Bhutan is also known to as the birthplace of Budha Religion. The citizens of India doesn’t need a passport for visiting Bhutan, any ID card will be fine. The currency of Bhutan has same exchange rate as of Indian Rupee.

2. Cambodia

Cambodia will be a perfect getaway place from the tiring city life. Cambodia is famous for its largest temple in the world -Angar wants. It is one among the few countries which provide On Arrival Visa to Indians. Cambodia is blessed and filled with various temples and the sculptures and transcripts have an Indian / Buddhism ideologies. The other place of Interests includes Koker temple, Remains of Bhang meliya temple, tha prom and tha koi, a sculpture with the shape of a hill carved out of sandstone. Also, there are many other places of Interests which attract no.of tourists. The transaction rate of Indian Rupee is approximately equaled to 63. 70 Cambodian currency.

3. Vietnam

Have you ever dreamed of being there at fictional location Pandora in the Film Avatar? Vietnam has a place called Bellong bay which resembles Pandora, with floating hills. You can get to see beautiful hills along the sides of the beautiful bay. Vietnam is the largest producer of coffee beans around the globe. Vietnam has the tastiest coffee in the world. The food cuisines of Vietnam is also very popular. One Indian Rupee is approximate equals 353 Vietnam currency. Live like king in Vietnam without spending like one.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country with steep hills and waterways. It is also known to as the land of islands. Crystal clear sea and interesting climate wins the hearts of the tourists very quickly. Visa is obtained after teaching there at Indonesia without any further complications. Bali is the major tourist destination in Indonesia. The Volcanic Lake in Indonesia named Leka Toba is one of its kind and the largest among them. Water kayaking is the popular sport in Indonesia. One Indian Rupee is approximate equals to 215 Indonesian currency.

5. Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is a beautiful Latin America country famous for its tourism destinations. It includes beaches, Rain forests, coffee plantations and Volcanic mountains. Costa Rica is a remote and un urbanized area in Latin America yet attracts good no.of tourists. The beach parties of Costa Rica is world famous. October month is the best time to visit Costa Rica. The transaction rates of 1 INR is approximately to 8.07 colons.

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