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Google Adsence is the main way to earn money by monetizing contents.Adsence is the service from google.Adsence will allows publishers to show text,image,video,flash or other type advertisement methods on blog or videos on youtube.The Advertisements are targeted to the site audience.Some times adsence ads appears blank on opera mini.

Adsence will pay for PER CLICK OR IMPRESSION on those advertisements. Many publishers will earn decent amount money via adsence. Some publishers will earn huge amount money from adsence. Now a day’s most of the users access internet via Smartphone and tablet’s. Then the most part of the adsence earnings is from Smartphone or tablet platform. Most of the users use operamini ,opera,uc ,uc mini browsers on smart phone or tablet.Adsence  will  now allows to show ads on these browsers.But some times blank ads will appear on operamini or opera browser.This will affect the adsence earnings.How to fix this issue.

  • Log on to your adsence account.Then go to dashboard
  • Then go to the My ads tab
  • Then create a new adv unit or if you have already created adv unit then click Get Code
  • Now you will get a popup window with an option Asynchronous
  • Change the Asynchronous option to Synchronous
  • Then copy the code and paste it into any portion that you want to show advertisements.
  • The Synchronous ads will load faster than asynchronous.
  • Now the ads will shows on operamini
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